Community Resources – Sarah K. Reece’s blog, an excellent resource about plurality, trauma, healing and mental health.  Highly recommended. – An excellent collection of plurality related resources. – A resource which primarily focuses on tulpamancy, but also covers many types of plurality.  The site’s resources and forums are welcoming of all types of plurality including traumagenic plurality.

Academic Papers

DID treatment guidelines by the International Society for Trauma and Dissociation.  Our complaints are relatively few and mostly minor so we consider this an excellent resource.  Very useful for someone trying to become an expert on themselves who wants to guide their own healing path.

The phenomenology and treatment of extremely complex multiple personality disorder (Kluft, 1988).  This is the best paper we have found so far on polyfragmented DID so far.

The switch process in multiple personality disorder and other state change disorders (Putnam, 1988).  This conceptualizes a new class of disorders called state change disorders.  It considers three levels, first that a maladaptive state exists (ie. mania, flashbacks, a headmate with a large amount of anxiety), second that the state becomes problematic when you get stuck in it, third the reactions you have to that state (ie. PTSD avoidance symptoms).  We like this paper because it manages to draw interesting connections between our DID, PTSD and bipolar tendencies.

We are always looking for more papers so if you find an interesting paper, we would like to see it!